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Full Version: Smart Playlist - avoid 1080p help
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Alright, I have another playlist topic to add to the million already here! Believe me, I've searched like a madman for this, but just cannot find any help relating to this. I'm running XBMC Eden Beta 3, using Aeon MQ3 (have tried on a few other skins also).

So I'm trying to setup channels for PseudoTV, but before I add them I like to check that they actually work in XBMC first. I've had success with most of the ones I created, but keep having issues when using the 'videoresolution' field. XBMC does not handle some of my 1080p files well so I have them play externally in MPC, which is normally fine. With PseudoTV though, I don't like the flow when it has to pop up an external video player so I'm trying to avoid them.
Here is the smart playlist I created:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="episodes">
    <rule field="videoresolution" operator="isnot">1080</rule>
    <rule field="studio" operator="is">HBO</rule>
    <order direction="ascending">random</order>
Now I've tried numerous other operators, but still with no luck. The thing I find odd about the above playlist is that it only grabs 1080 files! When using the 'doesnotcontain' operator, all HBO shows (including 1080p) are shown. Would really appreciate any advice you guys have. Thanks

Never mind, I'm an idiot! Finally figured it out. Operator needed to be "lessthan".