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Full Version: Eden problem
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Today I started XBMC (windows), and apparently my external drive with all my music was offline. And as it updates the library at startup, it soon cleared my library. So I got the drive online, and did an update library. About 50% of my music is in the library again. The rest is just gone. I tried a clean library, several update libary , but it remains this way. 50% (or more) does not get back in the library.

Suggestions, is there a way I can start the libraru from scratch?

geedsen Wrote:Suggestions, is there a way I can start the libraru from scratch?
Delete your music-database located in
I will try that. When the update libary tales place, I can see it scanning the directories, and have the impression it does not see all the directories (but then again it goes really fast). So I turned on debug logging and checked the log after an update library. I see lines like these:
16:19:44 T:14104 DEBUG: MUSIC_INFO::CMusicInfoScanner:Big GrinoScan Skipping dir 'L:\MP3\Fleetwood Mac\1967 - The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions\' due to no change

But I defenitly do not see this line for all of the directories on the disk. Should there be a line for each directory?

Is is as XMBC had a problem reading the files system on the disk. But in Explorer everything looks fine on that disk.
DB deleted, solved the problem.
and make sure you turn off "clean on update" so next time your sources are offline, your database doesn't get wiped