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Full Version: Anime MKV stops playing after so often.. .rare occurence
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Very rarely with certain files, at a certain point in the video, the video will stop and close to the menu as if its ended. However, If I fastforward past that point, it continues working fine. Any idea why this happens?

e.g. OP 366 vegapunk if anyone has time to find the file and test it.
No debug log? no details? no idea...
Guessing wildly here since there's no log, but one cause I've found in the past is an embedded font that for some reason XBMC just doesn't like.

Try remuxing without any embedded fonts and see if you can get through the section. If so, you need to isolate which font is causing the problem. You can then either just leave that font out, or substitute it in the subtitles for some other font.

For example, I found that with the Hatsuyuki Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou releases that the Levibrush font always caused XBMC (OpenELEC specifically) to crash. The font was only used for very short labels (generally the names of various youkai) so if you could skip past it you'd be fine until the next time. Worked fine in MPC-HC, but not XBMC. I reported it in the Hatsuyuki comments (with no response) but could never isolate if it was actually a corrupted font or not, so I don't think I reported it here.
no worries it was the files fault.