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Full Version: TV Shows in wrong order
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I have a few shows like Game of Thrones and BSG which have a TON of files list in MakeMKV and the naming is cryptic so I don't know what is episode 1,2,3, etc. Last night I had ripped disc one of Game Of Thrones and named the first file s01e01 and the second file s01e02 which seemed logical. Well, I went to watch ep 1 and it was actually ep 2. Is there a better way to identify these when ripping? I have the rest of the 8 episodes ripped and I'm betting some of those are wrong too and they will be harder to tell.

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Doesn't make mkv just name them title0, title1, title2, title3 and so on?
Yeah but it's wrong. On Game Of Thrones there were literally at least 2 dozen titles that I had to uncheck and then leave the actual episodes checked based on file size. For instance, episode 1 was title 081 and epside 2 was title 080. Very weird. I figured they were in order and they did get named that way, but the first title was episode 2. I might see what DVD Fab thinks of them.
Load the discs in a DVD/Bluray player either on the pc or a standalone, select the episode and see if it displays the title number. I've run into this problem as well and at least with the dvd player on mac os x you can click on the time display as the disc is playing to toggle through various displays (e.g. time, title, etc. . .) You'll have to check your software if it has this option or not.