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Full Version: Is there a way to specify a default nfo for all files in a directory
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I was reading how you can create an nfo for a file and XBMC will use this instead of fetching it from a scraper. However, with a large supply of files in a directory I don't want to have to create a new nfo files for every file. Especially as I add more. I was wondering if XBMC supports a method where I can create an nfo for a directory and each file in it inherits from this nfo file unless overwritten by a direct file. This way I can specify a genre, and a cast, for every file in a directory without having to create a ton of files. I have shows that run all the time with air dates not episodes.
Is there any specific reason you don't want to use a scraper to get the info? You can scrape shows based on their air date if they are named correctly.
Well for one, I watch Ring of Honor (which is a wrestling company). They have no listing for their weekly show on IMDB.
The scraper generally gets it's info from http://thetvdb.com. If your show is there and your episodes are named correctly it will scrape fine. After everything is in your library, you can export your library into individual files and that will generate your .nfos. If the show isn't on thetvdb or another scraper, you'll have to use a third party metadata manager. I personally use metabrowser but there are others out there.