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Full Version: Fanart (background images) for movies not loading correctly
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Any new movie that gets added to my movie library is for some reason ending up with the same fanart. The fanart for Zodiac. Zodiac is the last movie that was imported during the initial setup and import of my movies database into XBMC/MySQL (since it imports from A to Z). For each new movie that loads I can manually download and override the Zodiac background but I have to do this manually for each and every new movie that gets added.


(Using Eden + Windows 7)
Debug Log needed
A log file is attached Unfortunately I don't think that much can be gleaned from the it.

Here is a screenshot of the background that I'm seeing for 80% of the films:


Anyone? Thoughts on this??
Not a debug log. Please read Ned Scott's link more carefully and enable debug logging first.
OK, I've upgraded to 11.0 Eden (final) but this issue is still occuring. To recap: any new movie I add to my library ends up with the fanart to "Zodiac" (the last movie in the library, alphabetically). Here is what I believe to be a proper log for troubleshooting: http://pastebin.com/sUxeB6LW

This is a log of XBMC starting up and updating the video library. You'll see it encounter the new movie "Carnage" at line 503. At line 601, you'll see:

17:59:50 T:5236 INFO: Caching image from: smb://FILM-VAULT/Film-Vault/Video Files/Films/fanart.jpg to special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/Video/Fanart/921c0fad.tbn

"fanart.jpg" in this case is the "Zodiac" fanart that gets loaded for every new movie.

OK, I deleted the file at smb://FILM-VAULT/Film-Vault/Video Files/Films/fanart.jpg and it seems to be working fine now. Odd...