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Full Version: Can XBMC do this?
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Can I install XBMC on my iMac and stream it over my networked TV? Did a little hunting to no avail. I just want to make sure I can actually do what I'm lookin to do before I put in the time learning it.
XBMC is designed to be used on a small computer or device (like the ATV2, RPi, etc) directly connected to the TV.

XBMC can share its library with some brands of networked TVs that support UPnP, but it will only work for video formats that the TV can playback (no transcoding features in XBMC).
Thanks Ned. To be clear, I'll only be able to access the library on the TV - not the XBMC interface & associated media?
The only way to see the main XBMC interface on your TV is to plug your TV into a device running XBMC via HDMI or similar.