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Full Version: some questions
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I have 2 apple tv's both have everything updated and everything set the same with Back Row. I was wondering why one of them seems to have newer banners for the TV Show's? I know it's seems like a small thing, but I kinda bugs me. I view my tv in Wide Icons.

My next question is about my music I have it set up and can view it. When I go to update the library there isn't an option. Just says add source on the menu screen, so if I want it to add 2 or 3 albums it goes through everything again and takes forever. Am I doing something wrong it is set to Last.fm. Also it only shows 4 album covers. I have over 300 album artist alone, almost 120 gb. I even deleted the source and started over thinking I had done something wrong.

Sorry for the questions. I am only a couple months old with the apple tv 2. I'm still trying to figure some things out. Thanks for any help.