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Full Version: sorting display?
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hi ronie!

i've noticed that when i scroll fast in the movie list (fan art view) instead of the corresponding letter it shows a number instead..


i can't reproduce this on my end.

since the sort letter is handled by xbmc, i'll move this to general help and support.
maybe someone else might have a clue.
To my knowledge this is a feature that is supposed to happen while quickly scrolling through a list...on my end the first letter of the title is displayed in the overlay box so that if you start in the As you could scroll to the Fs quicker...I have no idea why a 3 or any number would be represented in your list while scrolling thru Ts...perhaps your original file name starts with a number and then you edited the title in the library...altho it doesn't seem like that should matter perhaps it does?...However, like ronie, I have never had a problem with this feature.

PS, what version of xbmc are you using...and is the media stored locally or shard over a network?
it has worked as it should before (the way you describes it) however now it only shows random numbers from 1 to 9.
haven't renamed a single one, all are scraped from themovidb.org.

the funny thing is that it works as expected when browsing tv-shows =)

I'm using Eden rc2 and they are stored locally (external hd)

it's not a big deal for me personally because i rarely use the feature,although i thought i should report it to someone.