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Full Version: Movie info only shown when folder is highlighted.
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I have recently converted from Mymovies.dk to XBMC. I'm still planning to use the mymovies.dk scraper.

All my movies are stored as MKV files, and each movie is stored in a individual folder (called the same thing as the MKV file and the movie).
When I browse through my old movies, everything is fine. When browsing and using for example list view, it will show the cover art of the movie. But when it comes to new movies, it will only show info when I highlight the mkv file (and not the folder).
Is this by design, or is something wrong ?

I can also see that XBMC does not add new XML and JPG files when I use the scraper. Is that correct ?
Probably because you scanned while "Movies are in separate folders named like the movie title" was off.
I guess you mean: "Use folder names for lookups" but that does not seem to help.

If I remove the movie from my videos folder, and do a rescan (so the movie dosn't appear), and then put the movie back and rescan, it will give me the same result.
Hopefully somneone has a clue!
You're running an old version if that's what the string says, but either way the same result will occur.

What you need to do is get a Debug Log of it scanning an item (i.e. remove it, enable debug logging, add it, scan).
I have made the log and uploaded it.

Right here: http://www.mediafire.com/?lyk096kt3d6glff
Please pastebin it so it can be read in-line.
no clue ?
I think you're using file view. You should switch it to "Library view" in the left side menu

That way, you won't see the folders and files, but instead see the library entries
Turn stacking on.