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Full Version: Movie Sets with Ofdb-link (german)
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I tried to figure out how to create movie sets in my video library. In the Wiki I found that I should make up an nfo file with some additional information to the movie-link. I use the german Ofdb Scraper which gave me the best results in the past. I put each movie in one folder and a movie.nfo that contains the Ofdb-Link. In this case I have a Set of four movies - each in its own folder, like this:

\movie 1
\movie 2

In every folder I put a movie.nfo that looks like this:

<title>Die Säulen der Erde (Teil 1)</title>
<set>Die Säulen der Erde</set>
<sorttitle>Sie Säulen der Erde 1</sorttitle>

Of course I changed the numbering in <title> and <sorttitle> tags. In this particular example it's one movie that consists of four parts.

I put them in a Movie-Test-Folder to see what happens when the scraper runs over and the result is - nothing. There is no entry added to the video library.

Does anyone have an idea maybe, what went wrong? Thank you! I used this example for testing. I have some more sets though and I would really like to get this to work, so I'd be happy for any help on this!

Hello Timur. I got the same problem with ofdb Links since the update to Frodo. ofbd links are not working anymore so i switched back to eden. Installed the ofdb scraper again and updated to Frodo again. Now ofdb links are recognized again but the actors are not loaded anymore. I tried it then with a link to http://www.themoviedb.org and this worked well but thats no solution for me. I have thousands of movies with a ofdb link in the movie.nfo file and this links don't works anymore without the OFDB addon from Eden. Hope there comes a update soon. At the moment you can only fix this with the OFDB addon from xbmc Eden but without actors :-(
Did you guys ever checked the Universal Scraper?
Hello yes of course i tried the Universal scraper but this scraper doesn't recognize the http://ofdb.de links. Now i have thousands of movies with ofdb links in the nfo files and no other Solution than using the ofdb add on from Eden.
...and your movies cannot be recognized without the ofdb links or what? That would be a bad practice of your file/folder naming convention.
Oh sorry i really didn't see that you answered my question. No the Universal scraper is really Good and i get really good results with it but not 100% so i am adding a link everytime i add a movie file so i get 100% exact results Smile this is because i am the xbmc Dealer of my Friends and neighbours Wink and if they get a Update from me they only have to Start the scraper and all Movies are added automatic and 100% exact
No worries. That's a good enough reason Smile