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Full Version: GSOC 2012: Picture Library
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I am currently doing Masters in Computer Science from SUNY, New York.

I want to participate in Gsoc 2012 and so I went through the project list.

I wanted to ask about the project named "Picture Library" within the client/server side. This project sounds interesting so I would definitely would like to work on that.

So I wanted to know is there any previous work done on this project and how to get more information regarding this project.

Any more information regarding the project and its pre-requisites will really be helpful.

Thanks and regards.
Hi there,

For previous work, take a look through GUIWindowPictures.cpp for the loop that is loading EXIF/IPTC information from picture files. There's also a pull request on github that improves the actual PictureInfoTag.cpp code a bit, and there may well be other code/libraries about that do things in a better way. You'll notice we use a background thread for loading thumbs as well.

There's also been an add-on written that could be used for inspiration - see the forums for this.

The information present in the existing project outline is probably enough for a general idea of what we're looking for. The rest should come from you.

If you have specific ideas/comments and questions, please feel free to write in this thread.

Thanks for the valuable information.

Since I am in the mid of my first semester of Masters, things have been very much hectic here, so its very late to reply back.

According to the problem statement mentioned and by your information, I wanted something to be clarified.
It is clear that a database have been already implemented as the pictures are already getting stored some place and information from picture files are also being loaded.

1. So I wanted to know if the purpose of this project is to develop an efficient filter system for proper retrieval of the pictures. Or along with this, the database also has to be re-implemented with the listed modifications in it.
2. What database is being used for storing the picture files?

-- For implementing purpose, to recognize new pictures, in the database we can have an attribute timestamp also with other picture information, by that newly added pictures can be identified.
-- Modified pictures can also be identified if those images earlier also had a timestamp or some other attribute can also be introduced like counter which can be incremented whenever a picture is modified. Also if they are modified then their timestamp will be the latest one so they will appear in newly added pictures as well. But for differentiating them, this counter can really help.
-- For other functions, various queries can be written to perform functions and also some defined filters can also be created.

This project needs a good database creation and query handing which I am really capable.

Any other thing or information I am missing for this project or any kind feedback will be definitely helpful.

1. That's part of it, yes.
2. There is no database for information. We retrieve the info from the files whenever you list the folder currently.