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Full Version: Help with loadprofile and password
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i have a problem with loadprofile in the keymap.xml

i have 2 profiles. first master user for me and my wife and second child for my kiddies. The kiddie profile have no password and my profile have a password.

In the keymap for my master user profile i have


to switch with one button of my harmony to the child profile. That works !!

In the child profile i have a entry in the keymap called:

<mymusic>LoadProfile(Master user,['prompt'])</mymusic>

but there is nothing happen. Could anyone help me with my problem ?

If i disable the password for my Master user profile and make in the keymap a entry called:

<mymusic>LoadProfile(Master user)</mymusic>

all work fine but i need an password in my master user profile.

Thanks for any hint.



I need this too. Any answer yet?