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Full Version: xbmc buffering alot
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i i have version xbmc 11 beta2 on my windows
and on my apple tv i have xbmc 2012 and i notice it buffers
every 5 seconds when i stream hd movies
i have dsl high speed at 12mbs i wondering if i have a buggy
xbmc version and i should um get a different version
AppleTV can handle H.264 encoded HD video files as they are hardware accelerated, but even with this, there are limitations as too high a bitrate can cause bufferring.

XVid/DivX HD movies won't play on ATV2.

You should post the mediainfo of the file you're trying to play, if they are H.264 as well as your XBMC log.

I'd guess the problem is that the movie isn't downloading fast enough to keep up. Does the same stream work if you watch it on the PC?