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Full Version: question about playlists
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I just started to configure/use XBMC and I have a strange problem.

I have a folder with family videos which I've added as a source but I can't create a smart playlist to display it.
Can someone please explain how to create a smart playlist for that?
Smart Playlists only see your internal library, so you would have to 'scrape' the images into it... which I don't believe is possible for pictures.
thanks, but it's family videos, not pictures.
(2012-03-22, 16:28)xela Wrote: [ -> ]thanks, but it's family videos, not pictures.


The same theory applies. You need to scrape your home videos into your library before Smart Playlists will recognize them.

The thing to do would be to make a generic nfo file and set one up with each of your videos and then let XBMC scrape them into your library.

PS: You can use Ember Media Manager or MediaCompanion to create nfo's, both available through a forum search.