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Full Version: Issue with movie sets
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Hello XBMC Team,

This is my 2nd question to the forum and thanks again to PatK for helping me the first time. I'm sure one of you xbmc experts out there can help me with this new issue. I have been using/testing/learning about all the cool stuff xbmc can do for about 2 mounts - SWEET!!!
Now to my issue...I have been backing up my DVD collection (.iso works best) onto a 3TB hard drive, with each movie in its own folder with each folder having the same name as the movie or movies inside them. I use ember media manager to put all the poster/cover/fanart into each of my movie folders - works very good. But! some of my movies are in sets (10 DVDs or more) like Star Trek original series, season 1. So I backup all those DVDs into the same folder. Inside the folder they look like this...STAR_TREK_TO1_D1, STAR_TREK_TO1_D2, STAR_TREK_TO1_D3, and so on. This works good and xbmc plays them with no problem. The only thing that bugs me is the way it looks when I hit play on a movie set, and xbmc ask me which DVD...part1, part2, part3... Please take a look at my screen shot to better see what I am talking about. The thing I love most about XBMC is it’s pure eye candy in a logical format – so why the ugly off center blocksHuh I’m using Eden Release Candidate 2.


Thank you,
Star Trek original series is a TV show. Rip it and treat it as such.
I have chanced the link to my screenshot image. Now you can see what I'm talking about.

Again, treat it as a tv-show, whereby you can assign individual episodes. It's not a movie.
Ok jmarshall I did that and now it does not show up in my libuary. I don't see it anywhere. What am I doing wrong? Also I have other movies that are more then one DVD, that are not tv shows and I get the same thing. Did you take a close look at my image?

Thank you
To treat it as shows you'll obviously have to name it appropriately. All this information is in the wiki Video_Library (wiki)