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Full Version: Messed up my Movies view not sure how...?
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I have installed the RC 2 of XBMC on my Windows 7x64 build and all is well. Then I decided to try a few skins out and liked the look of the transparency skin and so stuck with that. All well so far.

Then I gave the Aeon MQ3 skin a go, along with all the addons package but decided to go back to the transparancy skin.

Now starts my problem...

When I look at my list of movies (I am using the fanart view) the fanart for the movie selected within the list randomly changes every few seconds to another one of my many films that I have. I assume that this could be due to one of the addons which was installed with the addon pack I applied..? If it is I am not sure which one it could be or how to stop that action...?

Could anyone give me some help please as to where to look to resolve the issue.

Many thanks

EDIT: Phew resolved it. Somehow I had selected to use the Extra Fanart and also ticked to use (?) Extra Thumbnails without realising what they meant. Now unticking those options and all is back to how I want it to be Smile