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Full Version: "Loading media info" loop
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I mistakenly hit "Scan to library" on the music addons section instead of a new share, and now XBMC tries to load media info for god knows how many streams (internet archive, npr, etc.). I was able to uninstall the music addons in hopes that it would stop trying to pull info from them, but I simply get a message stating "plugin required: would you like to download it? yes/no". If I select no, I'm asked again when it tries to pull info for the next stream. If I select yes and reinstall the addons, I'm back to a loop where XBMC tries to download this info, then crashes and restarts (Eden RC 3).

Unplug ethernet, select yes when asked to redownload plugins, stop scanning, re-remove plugins (I guess they were still stored locally and reinstalled themselves). Fixed.
Note to self: don't scan audio streams in the future.