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Full Version: Weird behavior after long pause
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Sometimes I'm watching something on XBMC and I have to pause it for a while to do work around the house, practice on my sax, etc. When I get back I often have very slow playback when I un-pause what I was watching and very often no audio. I always have to exit out of XBMC and reboot the PC in order to get things back to normal. Could this have anything to do with my power settings like the HD sleeping (or SSD in my case) and when it waked XBMC doesn't work right?
That's possible (power settings) and it's also possible the HDMI connection gets dropped after a period of inactivity. There is a pull-request from CrystalP to address this post-Eden, but if it's between the audio driver and the receiver there are no XBMC fixes that can help. We'll see after that patch is in if it fixes or at least acts as a work-around to the issue.
Why not pre-Eden? After all it's not released yet. :-)
Mostly because the patch is not fully reviewed or tested yet - it's been slated for post-Eden just so there's no nasty surprises Smile