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Full Version: Music scraper defaults
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I've set the default scrapers in EdenRC3 for both artist and album to Last.fm. When browsing artists in my Library, almost all of them are without artist info (bio, fanart, genre, etc.). When I select an artist and go to Change Scraper, I see Last.fm in white letters. I have to select Last.fm, turning it blue, then OK, in order to get the option to "Query info for all artists", otherwise it seems to be defaulting to allmusic or something else. Once I do the query after the changes above, it pulls all the artist info down as expected.

What can I do to automate this and ensure Last.fm is being used automatically at all times?
System settings, Music, Library and change the settings "Default service for album information" and "Default service for artist information".

Yeah, that was my 1st step (as stated above, maybe unclearly). However, no info is downloaded until I also choose an artist or album, hit C, reselect Last.fm, then scan.

Basically, it appears that although I've changed the default services, it is still defaulting to Allmusic until I manually change each one. I've tried removing sources, cleaning the library and re-adding to no avail.
Strange. I normally only use the tags for info and don't bother scraping, however I have tried it when testing and it worked fine.

In System settings, Music, Library there is a setting "Download additional information during updates" and I think this needs to be enabled for the scraping to be used. You're probably way ahead of me, but I thought I'd mention it just in cae.

That was enabled. Also double checked the Last.FM addon settings and it's set to Enable Fanart and Grab thumbs from HTBackdrops.

edit: yeah, I have everything tagged properly and included cover art in them. I'm really only interested in scraping reviews, artist info and artist fanart.
Was this ever solved because I'm having the same problems as mentioned above.

I don't think the last.fm scraper is supported any more? I actually preferred it to "universal" scrapers, though now that last.fm no longer allows art download via the api it isn't as useful.

scott s.