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Full Version: Global Mute Problem
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This is a pretty strange problem that just started recently.. In the top right there's a logo of a speaker with a line through it, obviously showing it's muted..

here's a screen shot...

In the previous versions of xbmc and even with this version at first i never experienced this problem.. it just mutes on startup now, i can go in and manually adjust the volume back up when its non hd content but when its hd the volume is all grayed out.. i've went all through the options several times trying to figure this out without any luck.. im sure its something simple but i can't seem to figure it out for some reason o.O

here's some specs...

ATI Raedon 5700 (hooked up via HDMI)
Windows 7 64 Bit

Aeon Nox

would appreciate any help...
Debug_log#Enable_Debugging (wiki) may be worth posting a link to in this thread.
Anyone else having this problem? Just started happening to me too.
Same request that Chris! made in response to the original post of this thread.
turn your volume up in XBMC (press = or +)

It's probably a smartphone/tablet remote app that did it.
F8 key would also work
Solved the problem by choosing a different Audio Output Device. Think the problem i had was different to the OP though, apologies.
Also don't forget to PROPERLY shutdown XBMC for it to save the volume/mute settings...