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Full Version: [WIP] HTPC-Manager Beta, Manage XBMC, Sabnzbd, SickBeard with one app
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Nothin in the last 23 Days. Sounds not good
Sorry, I will start working on it again soon! I realy have no time atm Sad
So has this died? I'd hate to see it go, but if it's not going to be updated, then I'll have to go back to Maraschino.
If this is dead..... sad face. Sad
What updates are you guys wanting?
(2012-06-01, 17:58)_Mikie_ Wrote: [ -> ]What updates are you guys wanting?

HDD info isn't working
File Manager isn't working
Better Compatibility with the changes that have gone/are going into Frodo
HeadPhones integration

(2012-06-01, 17:58)_Mikie_ Wrote: [ -> ]What updates are you guys wanting?

Now i think is realy dead.
I've made a clone where I have made some modifications to the code.

I'm currently adding Squeezebox support.

I have changed the nzbsearch feature heavely allowing more info to be seen before adding to queue.

Enabled support for daemonizing.

Enabled XBMC image support for Nightly build.

Next after Squeezebox I will be looking into support of multiple XBMCs and WakeOnLan support for the XBMC boxes.

I have changed A LOT in the code moved stuff around to standalone classes and such, so Im not sure my modifcations can be easily incorporated in the master. However the main developers are free to use the stuff i have done.

My clone is at https://github.com/mbw2001/HTPC-Manager

If I'm stepping on anybodys toes please let me know...

Also Im doing this mainly for myself... So it hasnt been tested on any system but my own.
Thanks. I wil try it out
why not combine efforts with Maraschino project? That code base has a lot of support and a large user base already.
I really dont like the Maraschino interface. Its heavy web2.0 flashy. A lot is hidden untill mouseover which is fucked on a tablet. Its quite bad on smaller screens. Even my 13" MacBook isnt displaying it all that well.

I really liked the simplicity in this project. It has everything without being needlessly flashing.
You might want to look at the development branch as there are a lot of additions there that haven't made master yet. You could add those quite easily to your branch.
The "Next aired" page for SickBeard lists shows from tomorrow. It doesn't list shows that haven't aired yet today...
Today's 2012-06-21, but the page lists shows from 2012-06-22.
It's not even 16:00 (4 pm) here, so time zones shouldn't be the issue?
Yeah Mikie, I noticed I had clones the wrong repo a bit too late.

But I'm working on implementing the features from development atm... But since i changed a LOT in the code, its quite a bit of work.