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Full Version: [REQUEST] Jango
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My current favourite web site!

Like Pandora, but (IMHO) better, as you can skip as many songs as you'd like and it works fine in Canada without needing a proxy.

Is anyone working on an addon for it? It would be a great fit for XBMC!

Noone else interested in this? The website is amazing! An XBMC fronted would make it even better!
Wow this does look great, but i dont know who would be capable of doing it... or willing to?
i would like to see this addon too Wink
for the clever devs who making addons this shouldnt be a problem as we allready have a lot of great addons like Digitally Imported or Sky.fm.
so +1 on this
+1 for Jango in XBMC!!!
Would be great with jango
This would be great for XBMC!
Seems interesting. I would use it.
I was wondering if some1 even considering to make such addon or is there not enough interest
gets my vote ...Please !
Definitely interested!! Currently hook my phone up to my amplifier to make this happen but a Jango interface for XBMC would be so awesome.
Come on guys, someone please make an addon for Jango, its great!
I will throw my vote in for jango. DefinAtely my favourite radio stream.
+1 for Jango!! Would love it