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(2012-06-08, 01:11)Ebatte Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe it could just continue scrolling to the right so that XBMC menu gets pushed off screen but is still accessible.

Yes - again same as confluence and default ATV menu (as I type this with no comprehension of what time and effort would be required to cater for this)
I also noticed with the git build version that I have been using confluence for viewing recordings and it flags the file as watched - when flicking to quartz, the flags are not there
I just discovered Quartz once adding an ATV2 to my home network and absolutely love it. I've changed all my XBMC clients to use it.

One question on Live TV. I'm using 3.3.5 and see that there is a TV shows category on the homepage, but when enabling Live TV it shows under the Add Ons category. I'd like it to be under TV shows, which to me makes a lot of sense. I can't seem to find out how to do this. I've opened one of xml files thinking I may be able to cut it out of the Add ons section and add it to the TV Shows section but it looked pretty intimidating so I thought I'd ask here.


Thanks for the slick skin! Definetly my style
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