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Full Version: Meta Data question
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HI. I have 2 HTPC and 2 WHSs. The two HTPCs are running Media Browser. I am looking at putting XMBC on my sons computer for movies and TV shows. The question I have is, I use Media Center Master for all my metadata. Media Center Master put all the data on my WHSs and Media Browser pulls it from there.I do not want XBMC to mess up the matadata that Media Browser uses. What do I need to do so this will work and not cause problems.


I guess thats no enough info.

Does XBMC pull all info from the net?
Will XBMC use the metadata on the servers?
Can it use the same metadata that media Browser uses?
Does it need to get it's own info?
Where does it store the metadata?
If Media Center Master creates XBMC compatible .nfo files and images, then XBMC will use that just fine. XBMC will not create any meta data files unless you export them from the video\library setting screen.