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Full Version: Mc360
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I'm stuck!! I have the skin mc360 on iPad 2 and for the life of me I can't figure out how to move from one file to the next. I can't get it to slide to change a skin if I wanted to. It's not frozen cause I can access my video add ons. But it's stuck in that file system. I can't get to where I watch navi-x. I've tryed swiping and touching all over the skin. Nothing! Any help would be great. Thanks
Yeah not a great skin to use on a touch device I suggest you just exit xbmc ssh in and delte the skins dir in addons folder and then next time you run XBMC it will default back to "touched" skin
Thanks for the reply!!! My question is I know how to SSH into apple tv from mac. Would it be the same with iPad? Just use the iPads IP address? Thanks again and I hope your still out here.
I would love to buy you a beer!!! Thank you a bunch!!!! I figured it out with your directions. If it wasn't for you I would still be confused as all hell. Thanks again Jezz_X
no worries just take it into consideration in the future that most skins are remote only and not very good for touchscreens and mice