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Full Version: Now Playing Entry Point with Direction Pad?
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I currently have a very minimal button remote. I'm using the Boxee one, so only a direction pad, enter, escape, and I mapped the top button to switch directly to media center netflix button and back.

With Confluence when something is playing the Now Playing player functions automatically appear docked on the menu. Which makes stopping or going full screen a couple direction pad clicks away.

I saw that I could push "M" and bring up the Now Playing menu. But I'm really trying to keep my wife on the top simple side of the remote.

Anyone have any bright ideas for how to get the Now Playing an entry point on the main menu? Even something like a hidden entry point, like off the top options area maybe?

If I can't get to the now playing accessible with the direction buttons I have to stick with the default skin, which is a shame because I really love the look & feel of Transparency. Sad

in Transparency!, the player controls can be accessed by going to the side menu in any of the viedeos/music/pictures/programs/settings views

on the home screen, you can enable the 'play disc' menu item, and next, the 'player controls' submenu item.
The play disc access method is perfect for the wife.

Now that you have me digging in the menu area I'm amazed how customizable the menu structure is.

Thanks for the quick response!