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Full Version: duplicate movies
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for some reason i get duplicate's on all my movies

one is for the file location eg. c:/movies/xx.xx
and the other shows smb:/c:/movies

can some one tell me how to take away the smb one

hope this makes scence
Remove the smb:// scource
were do i do that ?
Hmm I swear i answered this all ready.

You have added both a local source, your c: drive and a network source. You need to remove the network source. Once you have done that, if you clean your library it will remove all of the duplicate files.
please tell me were do i remove the source ,,, i cleared all the items under vieo and files ... i cannot see were i added the network source

or tell me how to deleted it from the system files some were .. or how can i do a fresh install of XBMC even if i have to re add all the media files again so be it

If you've removed all of your sources already, you might just need to clean your library (settings->video->library->clean library).

Failing that if you just want to start again, quit xbmc, delete your userdata folder and then restart xbmc and you will be starting from new.

You can find details of how to find your userdata folder here:

Cool thanks >> i deleted the userdata ..

were is the correct place to add your movie files ?

May tanks .. Good night Smile
Wouldn't it be good with an option to just use first found source and if it finds same episodes/movie/whatever it skips that one.
Also additional options for priority for example HD if it finds both HD/SD sources and priority local source before network source etc.