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Full Version: Opening cases animation
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I'm pretty sure the Slide view for movies once had an animation that cases opened showing a disk and plot displayed when you paused on each movie. Am I dreaming? Was it there? Can I get it back.
Slides view never had it... 'Icon' mode did and still does.
Thanks, that's it, although I don't like it. It takes up too much space over the fanart. Any chance of getting it working in slide view?
not likely, unless someone is willing to code it (not me).
Ah go on!!!! Big Grin


Thanks for the skin btw, love it, looks great
i don't get it Undecided
(2012-04-04, 00:44)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]i don't get it Undecided

You'd only get it if you've watched Fr. Ted? Mrs Doyle is very insistent. Worth a watch if you've not seen it.