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Full Version: [SOLVED] Screensaver doesn't activate when using multiimage background
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I've enabled the "multiimage background" for the "Videos" section, and if I'm on the Home screen and focused on the videos section so that the backgrounds are scrolling through, the screensaver (which I have set to "Dim") never comes on. If I am on any other section (Music, etc) where I have not enabled multiimage backgrounds, the screensaver comes on just fine.

Is this normal behavior, for the screensaver not to enable when multiimage backgrounds are showing onscreen? Because there are still elements to the screen (menus, etc) that are static even though the background is changing and I would think still having the screensaver come on would be the desired effect to help with any potential burn-in issues?
Well, it seems that simply rebooting the XBMC box fixed whatever was wrong. Now the screensaver is behaving normally and as expected, even with the multi-image backgrounds enabled. <shrugs> Gotta love the computer gremlins!
I looked into this matter a while back (but not far enough for a fix), what happens is when a new image is displayed on the background, XBMC caches it, and for some reason the act of caching triggers a reset of the screensaver timer. Images that have already been cached don't trigger the reset, so as soon as the background has cycled through most of the images (enough to get to the end of the timer uninterrupted), normal service resumes.