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Full Version: Sabnzbd causes Buffering when Verifying/Repairing
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Hi all!
I have noticed that when sabnzbd starts the verify/repair/unpack process, my playing video will stop and go to "Buffering", until the processes end.
The video is being played off a local harddrive and is NOT being streamed over a network.
Is there some sort of setting within XBMC or even sab that I may be missing?

The system itself is capable of multi-proceseses. It is 4core amd phenom with 4gigs of ram. XBMC 11, win7.
Any help is appreciated.
You could have sab download at specific times mine is setup to pause everything during the day and then downloads during the night, not a real solution but its working for me, also try Sab forum remembering a post about some extra settings during unpack, have no link but try searching.
Verifying, repairing and unpacking can't be disk intensive as well as cpu/mem.

If you are doing this on the same disk you will likely notice it of viewing content of that disk. Downloading to another disk will help, or set it to a low priority (nice settings should be an option in says config i think).