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Full Version: screensaver builtin slideshow not displaying images fullscreen?
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Hi, I searched the forums for this, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.

I like the builtin xbmc slideshow for showing family pictures when the display times out. The problem is on my parent's new HDTV it insists on showing those images in 4:3 not 16:9 to fit the screen. I've searched and searched for a setting to change this but hardly know where to even look for such a setting. The funny thing is when I use the fan art option of that same setting it works perfectly, displaying images filling the screen.

Yes, I've checked the images themselves to ensure they aren't sized to 4:3. They're not.

Any ideas? Pointers to search?

Thanks in advance!

Too bad i saw this topic without à solution! Wink

I would like to see my pics full screen or any other animation like the iPhoto slideshows.

Is there anyway to do so?