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Full Version: Possibly a Bug?
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The issue I am having is with some MKV files that where made with MakeMKV. I used this program to rip a lot of movies and Tv Shows to my hard drive. The issue is when I use DXVA and allow DXVA2 hardware acceleration the picture is just a garbled mess. However when I turn off DXVA2 it plays 100% fine. Now is this a bug of some sort? The MKV contains an MPEG-2 and a AC3 file. I just thought I would mention it, if it was already mentioned in another post I apologize.
Are they 10bit files?
(2012-04-01, 10:36)prae5 Wrote: [ -> ]Are they 10bit files?

No, I don't believe so. They played fine with XBMC 10.1, VLC and every other player on my machine plays them fine. They only get distorted when I have DXVA2 on, when off it plays buttery smooth. Here's a pic from media info about the file. MKV File Info Something you should know about MakeMKV it does not convert any files at all it just takes the MPEG and AC3 files etc.. and puts them in a MKV container.