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Full Version: Help, all my videos started repeating!
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After a video ends, it plays again on an endless repeat loop.

This is new undesirable behavior... any ideas on set it back to default?
1. Play a video.
2. While playing, go to the Now Playing view (via context menu from videos, possibly also from the OSD depending on skin).
3. Disable repeat on the left.
Oh, thanks. For some reason I didn't get notified someone replied.
I fixed using the link below... basically what you said.

Don't know how that got set, but so much better not repeating because I sometimes watch something as I try to fall asleep, and then it repeats all night long. Would be nice if there was a repeat button in the video OSD for backrow.skin like there is in the music OSD. As it is, the repeat feature was too hidden for me to find it.