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Full Version: website "application"
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Hi -
Just recently upgraded my ATV1 to Eden, and installed Crystalbuntu. Thus far, very happy with this incredible software!

I am wondering however - is there a way to do the following:

I have a website I like to watch live streams from: http://teevox.com/#!/c=streams&ch=1&s0=5876

It's kind of am embedded stream "tv station" if you will - allowing you to flip between different streamed games, etc. Pretty fun.

I searched the addons for xbmc - and didn't see an packaged "app" for this website. That said, is there a way to create a shortcut to use on the main xbmc menu that would:
a. Load this page up
b. Allow me to navigate using my atv remote?

Thank you.

bump...anyone? I know there's a Youtube plugin -
How hard is it to create a plugin that would render this page? XBMC supports flash correct?
Add-on development (wiki)

XBMC doesn't support flash, but there are ways to rip a normal h.264 video stream out of a flash container (which is what most add-ons do, more or less)