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Full Version: Many Noob questions
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Hi Guys,

How are you ?

Well, I know that maybe this post will sound noob for you guys, but I will move forward and post because I was not able to find answers on google (Maybe I not know how to use it).

Well, I have some digital copies of my favorite movies, and every time I want to watch then, I have to turn on my computer, start my Ps3Media server, and streaming 1080p movies to thw PS3. It's not a real problem, because my home network is wired.

Then I discovery boxee and XBMC, and made a Test. I have an ATV silver, first model, stopped in home, so I decided to test on it.

First I have tested boxee, but it is in Beta. The software crashed every time, so I gave up.

My second try was with XBMC, it worked, but lot's of questions appear on my mind:

I Setup my ATV with a samba server, to copy my digital movies in ATV hard disk, with this, it was not necessary for me to keep the PC turned on.

The point was that some 1080p movies didn't play well, they stuck a lot, this was the first problem.

Also, lot's of things that look to me like features didn't work. For example. I have a digital copy of the Super 8 movie, but in XMBC menu, there's only the file list to start to play. I didn't see a good presentation of the movie, cast, data.. Nothing.... Like this for example:


(I have installed this skin).

I have installed the iMdb add-on, but nothing changed....

So, in my case, it's better to use the PS3 Media server...

What I did wrong? Why the XBMC didn't work to me like the wonderful screenshots we can see on internet? (The same with boxee, with the bad crashes).

Any hints?

My Hardware / Software
ATV V1 (Silver).
Patchstick 3.0.2
Samba server.

You need a Broadcom Crystal HD mini-PCIe card for 1080p playback. Then you need to scan the local movie folder (on ATV drive) to get all the metadata from IMDB.
check out Broadcom Crystal HD (wiki) and Apple TV 1 FAQ (wiki)