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Full Version: Userdata Folder is missing. please help
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Switching from Ubuntu to a computer with windows vista. XBMC runs great, but in Users "Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\...." i have no xbmc folder, and thus... no userdata folder. There is a folder called "Media Center Programs" but it is empty. do i need to enable something for xbmc to create me a userdata folder?

And yes, i already enabled viewing hidden files because that was required to see the AppData folder.

please help

Have you launched XBMC yet? It doesn't get created until you launch XBMC.

Edit: I'm an idiot. I see that you said it runs great.

Type %AppData% in your windows explorer bar and see where it opens.
i can find AppData folder. it's userdata i cant find
Type %AppData%\XBMC\ then.

I only suggest in case your system variables have been changed and you're pointing to a different directory.
Or perform a system wide file search for xbmc.log - it's always in the XBMC folder created in %AppData%
thank you very much sir