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Full Version: Smart Playlists and Recently Added Script
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Hi guys,

I've setup my smart playlists as follows:

Movies: Based on path - smb://share/movies
TV Shows: Based on path - smb://share/TV Shows
Stand Up Comedy: Based on path - smb://share/Stand Up Comedy
UFC: Based on path - smb://share/UFC

Movies, Stand Up Comedy and UFC are set to content type = Movies (as this is the only way they scrape correctly).

I have modified "Includes_home.xml" so that the Recently Added scripts works for my playlists. However, i don't know how to get only the recently added items for a specific playlist working? i.e. When on the UFC playlist, it should only show the recently added items from the playlist collection.

Currently, because Movies, Stand Up Comedy and UFC are all scraped as "movies", they all show the same recently added list.

Can someone tell me what I need to do show recently added items unique to a playlist's collection? Do I need to write my own recently added script? Or is it already possible?


P.s. Let me know if what I wrote doesn't make sense.
Mod for recently added sounds interesting...

Calling up the first playlist inside of a second
I would have thought 'first aired after 2011-12-09' and 'first aired before 2012-04-05 would get you an exclusion list.. but it's not variable, what about sort according to date with a limit of X entries.
This indeed sounds interesting. Will this mod allow to have (for example) UFC as a menu item in the home screen and even show recently added UFC episods to it? This would be breakthrough and the functionality I have hoping for for so long. I am desperately looking for a way to have TV shows to exclude documentaries and instead have an own menu item "documentaries". I know that I can already do this with sub-menus, but having this as a menu and not breaking recently added would be the KEY function to have.
Hi guys,

Before you go thinking I'm some kind of guru, I'm just asking the question. Smile

I'm wondering whether or not this functionality is already available, and if not, if it is in the works. If not in the works, I was going to have a look and see what I can do. This will take me ages (programming background but out of the game for a while) but I've been meaning to sink my teeth into some coding for some time now.

To summarise:

The aim would be to modify or add to the recently added script this functionality:

* Show recently added items according to the "collection of items" you are currently selecting (whether it be the default "Movies" collection which shows ALL movies that are set to content type = movies, OR a smart playlist collection)

This way you can ONLY show recently added item for whatever "Collection" you want to create. (i.e. Kids movies, UFC, Stand Up Comedy, Home Videos) etc...
We think you need to get back in the programming game Smile a lot of people would thank-you.
maybe this is what you're looking for:

it's not supported in Transparency! though..but maybe one day...
Yep, that looks like it, Ron. Thanks.

Here's an official request to get this added to Transparency. Smile

Thanks mate.
(2012-04-09, 22:07)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]maybe this is what you're looking for:

it's not supported in Transparency! though..but maybe one day...

Would also love to see this being implemented into T!