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Full Version: IMDB Scraper and movies with multiple Movie parts
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i have a problem that had occurred on windows xbmc and xbmcubuntu.
if i have a movie that has multiple parts, imdb scraper doesnt find it.
for example "King Kong CD1" And "King Kong CD2" if doesnt find it.
if i rename it to "king kong" it has no problem.
i tried with the - sign "King Kong - CD1"
i tried without it " King Kong CD1"
i tried with the word part:" King Kong part 1"

all the files with 2 CD are not displayed at all.
am i missing something?
CD1 and CD2 parts are a thing of the past. You should use something like avijoiner to join your .avi's seemlessly. I know this doesn't help with your situation but joining them would be easier on your part.
After i posted this question, i went to take a shower.
during the post-shower shave i thought about it and was wondering if the problem was as always with the file names.
maybe IMDB cannot find the movie's name because of the CD1 & CD2
so i renamed all of them to "king kong.CD1.avi" and "King Kong.CD2.avi" and it WORKED!!!!

so i am leaving this for future reference
and now XBMC finds it twice.
any ideas?
Add -part1, -part2, etc. to the end of the filename. Same method as multi-file episodes.

Your naming of king kong.cd1/cd2 is fine. If XBMC is finding things twice, then it's likely unrelated to that. In either case, movie information will show you the path of each item. Compare.
While today large files are common and so the earlier writer could be considered correct in saying these multi-file movies are a thing of the past, many of us have large legacy collections, and why change them?

But fortunately, we don't need to. XBMC supports them fully (and perfectly for me).

Firstly, if you're only using the file lists and NOT the library (which, personally, I don't recommend… I only use the file lists for managing my content and use the Library for general use):
  • Make sure you have the option "stack" selected in the display options for your view. This will stack the two (or more) files so they only show as one file.
  • It is correct that in the file list XBMC only shows the first file with content form the scrapers. Because otherwise it would think you have two copies for he movie (but irrelevant if you select stack in the point above).

But if you do use the Library feature, then irrespective of what settings you have in file mode / view, the library will just show one film, and the fact that there may be multiple files behind the scenes is hidden and taken care of by XBMC.

Hope this helps!


mkvmerge works well too to combine all kinds of movie formats into one mkv file. except they don't like wmv's