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Full Version: Power button remote not working
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Just new here (and a noob with linux), today i've received my Zotac zbox ID80 and installed XBMC 11 Live on it.
It looks like everything is working out of the box but i've stumbeld at the power button, It doen't work Sad

I've looked at google and this forum but I cant figure out how to fix it. Sad
I've enabled debugging and see some messages in the log like:

22:10:20 T:10712848 DEBUG: SDLKeyboard: scancode: 96, sym: 009f, unicode: 0000, modifier: 0
22:10:20 T:10712848 DEBUG: GetActionCode: Trying Hardy keycode for 0xf200
22:10:20 T:10712848 DEBUG: Previous line repeats 3 times.
22:10:20 T:10712848 DEBUG: OnKey: 0 (f200) pressed, action is

I've tried creating a keymaps.xml file (with some help from: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard.xml) in ~/.xbmc/userdata/keymaps/ to see if I was able to change some buttons but that doesn't even work. Confused

Can someone help me with this?

ps: irw doesn't seem to work in XBMC 11 Live.
What type of remote control do you have? Based on the debug messages, I'm assuming it may be some variety of MCE Remote? Since you said you've already created a keyboard.xml file (I'm assuming your reference to "keymaps.xml" was simply a typo), the problem may be that the keyid previously associated with the Power button no longer works in Eden. See this thread for a keyname that you could use instead of the keyid that may work correctly in Eden.

You didn't say what you want the Power button to do, but you can assign the Power button to Quit XBMC, Suspend the system, Shutdown the system, etc. I prefer to have it display the XBMC shutdown menu and let me choose what to do, so I use XBMC.ActivateWindow(shutdownmenu) in my Power button definition. See this link for a list of XBMC built-in functions.

Hope that helps!
Hi artrafael,

Thank you for your reply. Its a remote that comes with the zbox ID80 and it looks like a MCE Remote because there is a green "Windows MCE" button on it.
I've created a keyboard.xml like, http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard.xml says. But it doesn't really matter what the XML is called, says in the wiki:
Quote:All *.xml files in these folders are applied as keymaps. All *.xml files are processed in alphabetical order. Keymaps defined in an .xml file add to or override mappings in previous .xml file. Keymaps defined in user folders add to or override mappings in the global keymap

In version 10 it just powered off like it should but version 11 doesn't do anything. So just a power off should be great.

I'll have a look at the URLs you gave me, hope I'll find something there.

Thank you for your help so far.
Arrrgg finaly figured it out. took me a few hours but hee.

I've edit the /usr/share/xbmc/system/keymaps/keyboard.xml file and added <key id='61952'>XBMC.ShutDown()</key>
I think alot of people are searching for the key id. This is done in the debug mode, press the key and the debug log shows:

14:25:18 T:10680080   DEBUG: SDLKeyboard: scancode: 97, sym: 0000, unicode: 0000, modifier: 0
14:25:18 T:10680080   DEBUG: GetActionCode: Trying Hardy keycode for 0xf200
14:25:18 T:10680080   DEBUG: Previous line repeats 3 times.
14:25:18 T:10680080   DEBUG: OnKey: 0 (f200) pressed, action is

f200 is a hexadecimal code. We have to convert this to a decimal, I've used this site to do that:

Hope some people can fix keymaps this way.