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Full Version: XBMC 11 (Eden) Video Driver Issue
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Hello All -

I've got issues with XBMC 11 (Eden) Linux is only showing 1024x768 resolution, choppy picture, and Sys Info reports that the CPU is running at almost 100% constantly.

After my Boxee Box died last week, I decided to try out the XBMC approach. I read a few articles and found that even an older computer may do the job... of which I have a couple.

Since it is a dedicated box, I decided to use the Linux build - Eden. I installed it to the HDD from CD, then rebooted directly onto the HDD. After adding files to my library (over SMB via Windows Share over wired 10/100/1000), the playback on them is extremely choppy. I"ve only tried the HD ones so far, but that's 90% of what I've got. Most of them are MKVs, too.

I have experience with Linux, but not that much with driver install and none at all with the XBMC dedicated version. How to I proceed to resolve this issue?

Here are the system specs of my dedicated old box I'm using...
CPU - Intel Pentium 4 2.66Ghz
RAM - 1Ghz (OS reports 867mb total and 762mb free)
OS - Linux 3.0.0-17 (XBMC Ubuntu 11 Eden
HDD - 40Gb Sata
GPU - Mesa DRI Intel 865G x86/MMX/SSE2

Screenshot of Video Specs Screen


According to the minimum requirements to run Eden, you need at least an Intel 945G GPU. Your Intel 865G is simply not fast enough to handle it.