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Full Version: Please help me get my HTPC back up!
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Hi everyone!

Been a long time lurker, and now I've finally run into an issue with XBMC that I need some assistance with. I'm a Intermediate PC user, however consider myself a basic Linux user, just haven't got around to picking up on all the functionality of Linux.

Anyhow, built a HTPC using the Asus AT3IONT-I mobo, and a 32gb SSD. Installed XBMC Live, and then using a writeup on the ForTheRecord forums, installed the 4TR plugin to get LiveTV up. That walkthru updated XBMC to Eden Beta 1. I'm using 4TR as my backend because right now I'm using my home computer to serve TV to this computer, and I'm using Windows on that machine. I also like the functionality of 4TR, tried MythTV, didn't get into it.

Everything was working great, however was getting more freezes and restarts happening this past week. Saw that Eden Final was out, and figured that maybe some of the bugs were worked out. I also (incorrectly) assumed PVR support was included. Formatted and installed XBMCbuntu, familiar Confluence screen on startup, but now not only do I not have the 4TR plugin installed, and I cannot find it anywhere, but my audio is no longer working. I'm doing HDMI video and Optical audio to my receiver. Saw many threads on the 'Failure to startup' issue many people are having. Haven't put too much effort into fixing that since I'm looking for either Eden Beta 2, which supposedly has the 4TR plugin installed with it, or another way to fix my XBMC so that I have audio and PVR functionality.

Please help me if you can! I need to get my system back up tomorrow so that my wife will stop beating me up!Big Grin