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Full Version: scrape artist thumbs and save in file structure?
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A little confused here. On previous version of XBMC I oct scraped my full library and it ended up storing thumbs and fanart directly in my file structure so it also worked in file mode.

Now playing about in Eden as my collection has grown but I can't seem to repeat this. I switched all-music to lastfm, deleted library but many artists even in library mode have no thumb or fan art. If I select artist info he artist info is there. If I select choose thumb I will immediately see several remote thumbs - not sure how this works but it is instant so I assume that have already been pre downloaded. Also if I then select the thumb it won't get stored in the music folder, I guess just in library.

with all these add ons and options I'm lost. can this be done?

Anyone please? It has worked in the past so either I'm missing a setting or this functionality no longer exists.
You have to export your library to separate files if you want the art stored in the music folder(s).
Thanks, much appreciated! That was indeed it, forgot about the feature and it saving to the individual music folders as well.