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Full Version: Forums don't allow me to +1 rep
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My theory right now why I am unable to +1 rep people on the forums is because 1) I joined after the new forum software was implemented and 2) because I'm A "Junior Member". Please see this other discussion for more info:
Anyone else not able to +1 rep on the forums?
I believe it's based on the date you joined, but I can check with da-anda, the dev who did such an amazing job on the forum migration.

That said, here's a +1 for your fix of the cue-sheet bug Smile
I'm not able to rate others posts. This is normal ?
You need 10 posts minimum

So two more for you from current count of 8 and the +/- will become visible to you. WHen I joined it was 100 minimum.

You need to have made a minimum number of posts (10 maybe?) before you have access to that and some other functions. Just make a note of the members/posts that you wish to "rep" and, once you've graduated from being a Junior Member, you can go back and add to their reputations.

uNi beat me to it! Smile
Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense Wink

(only one more needed now Wink )

What did you say? Can you repeat what you posted I cant see it Wink

(2013-02-08, 21:14)uNiversal Wrote: [ -> ]What did you say? Can you repeat what you posted I cant see it Wink


It's a trap, and i'm not going to fall into it...

Ho wait ... Wink
Any thoughts why this would not show up with > 10 posts?
Probably because someone changed limit again?

just noticed at 16 that it's now working for me.