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Full Version: Prevent XBMC from re-opening after restart
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When I turn off my Mac Mini, I do it using the Power menu in XBMC. I have it set to shut down the machine when I select the option instead of simply exiting XBMC. However, when I turn it back on, XBMC automatically opens up. I made sure that it is NOT on my login items list. It seems to only do this if I use XBMC to shut down the system, because if I do a restart with XBMC already closed, it does not open back up when the machine has booted again. Is there any way to NOT have XBMC open up when my Mac is shut down like this? (I didn't post this in the OS X forum because I'm pretty sure the solution would be the same on all operating systems, if there is one). Thanks!
It sounds like you are using Mac OS X 10.7. If you quit or reboot with anything open it will then restore those apps/windows upon boot. If you do it in the Finder or from the power key it will ask if you want to restore the windows, but if an application sends the command (like from within XBMC) then it won't ask, and will just assume you want those applications to open again. It does this even if you disable "restore windows" in System Preferences.

I did a quick search on this, and to completely disable the resume feature one needs to do this:

"Set permissions on folder ~/Library/Saved Application State/ to ‘Read Only’"
I just found this to limit it to a specific application, in case you don't want to disable Resume completely:

Thank you so much! It was driving me crazy that the system prefs setting wouldn't even solve the problem.