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Full Version: Use mouse and keyboard on different desktop while running XBMC
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I finally managed to setup XBMC.
I'm running XBMC on Arch Linux with KDE4.

I have a 24" Monitor as primary display and a Samsung LED TV 55" via HDMI as a second monitor.
In the X.org config I setup the LED TV as own server (not Twinview or mirroring) so I have two independant desktops.

But when I start XBMC on the big screen I can't use my mouse and keyboard on the other screen.
Is it possible to do that?

XBMC is a really great product, keep up the good work.
Yay, thanks, it works.

I have only one problem with the provided solution.
The Xbox 360 Wireless controller remote does only work when the mouse is inside xbmc, which makes the remote useless when I'm using the other screen.
Are there any solutions for that?
Sorry... don't have an answer to that one. Maybe somebody else does?