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Full Version: MovieDB scraper working but each movie has the same fanart/backdrop
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I have been having problems with my movie fanart for the transparency! skin. I am running XBMC 12.0-Alpha-1 on Linux 3.0.0-15 (Ubuntu 11.10). When I add a movie it sets the fanart/backdrop to the same picture everytime. The picture is from a previous movie's extra fanart, which was added a few weeks ago. The scraper appears to be working fine -- it downloads the plot, coverart, and actors pictures but sets the fanart to this aweful picture. I tried to fix the problem by:
1) Uninstalled xbmc.
2) Deleted the ~/.xbmc folder
3) Deleted every instance of the offending fanart JPG.
4) I did not import the old library
5) Installed XBMC from GIT version 12.0-ALPHA 1 downloaded and compiled 4/8/2012.
6) The only addon downloaded/enabled is transparency! skin

Nothing seems to work.

Some guesses:

1. All your movies are in a single folder, likely with .nfo files present.
2. You have a fanart image in there.
3. You scanned with "movies in separate folders named like the movie".

If this is not the case, then provide information correcting the above and, in addition, get a Debug Log with you refreshing one of the movies that has the incorrect fanart assigned - don't ignore local information (else it'll ignore the fanart image as well, which is what you want, but not what we want to see the log!)

Thank you for your help. The problem appears to be almost fixed. You were correct, my movies were in a single folder. I had apparently had the offending image in an old folder on an old drive. Looking at the logs it was clear were the file was coming from. I deleted the folder and it works when refreshing each movie's "movie information" individually. However, it does not work when initially adding a movie. I have the debug log posted here http://pastebin.com/9Xq2qm9C. I do not have the radio button for "movies in separate folders named like the movie" selected.

It'll be due to the image already being in the cache for that folder. If you happen to be able to find the image (try using the filebrowser in XBMC to browse the thumbnails folder in userdata) then deleting it might be all it needs.
I fixed the problem. Unfortunately, I had to delete the ~/.xbmc folder to find the exact place in the cache. Thanks for the help.