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Full Version: Can't boot to grub
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Hey all,

Excuse my ignorance, I'm new to these things. I'm trying to install xbmcbuntu 11.0 (Eden) onto an acer aspire netbook (D250). Installing off of an iso cd onto a (~18GB) partition on my main drive alongside win xp.

It installs fine, no error messages or anything, then when I click 'okay' to restart and boot into the OS, it ejects the disc, I remove it and close the tray, hit enter (as requested), then the screen goes blank, and my computer seems to freeze. Have tried leaving it for 20 mins or so and nothing happens, no hard drive light to show it's working or anything. I have to hard reset the thing to get it to restart, and when I do it just boots straight into windows.

I've tried using supergrubdisk to boot into grub, but it keeps telling me it can't find the right files.

Any ideas?



Make sure it's installing bootloader to correct device. I ran into issue where /dev/sda was USB not hdd. Hence no boot when USB removed.