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Full Version: Dual Zone Output?
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Does XBMC have the option to send it's audio to seperate zones? Like, zone 1 would be hdmi out to the TV, zone 2 would be the speaker out to some speakers? The reason I ask is because I am considering using my xbmc as a whole home audio solution. I do understand I won't be able to sync all at once, which is fine and preferable, but I was thinking it might work with xbmc.

With the remotes out there, I can play a song on, say, my living room htpc; however, if I can only output it to my TV, then that would pose a problem.

A last resort would be to have the connection unplugged on the xbmc, and just plug it in when I want to listen to music through the speakers. Oh, and the speakers would go outside for this example, not in the house.
You will need a receiver that can handle dual zone and that can support hdmi dual zone audio output, as well or you will need a motherboard with optical output hooked up to the audio receiver that will connect all your home speakers. And also may need a good speaker selector. It will depend on the audio receiver
no exactly correct...

two options. there is a dual audio build on the forums that oyu can use. so, hdmi audio to receiver, stereo audio to whole house audio. or if you have an optical (toslink) out of your htpc you can use a toslink splitter and optical to stereo converter (total cost ~35) on amazon.
I am using a zotac zbox for the htpc on the my main floor, so hardware add ons isn't an option fyi.

I do not have a receiver on the main floor, and woudl rather not putchase any hardware. I'm hoping i can go directly from hdmi out to speakers (with converters somehow), or from the headphone jack out to speakers (I know I can do this). If I can go hdmi directly to speakers, which I haven't researched yet, then I can do an hdmi switch (which I already have and not in use), which would be farely painless (press remote for switcher to correct output for audio, cell phone to control rest of XBMC)

So, what would be ideal is if xbmc can send the sound out to either hdmi or to the headphone jack when told.
With the Apple TV at $99, it's probably cheaper to set up multiple XBMC boxes around the house (each hooked up to their own speakers) and control them via HTTP-based remote app on your tablet or phone. A multi-zone receiver might actually wind up costing more money. There might be standalone speakers that accept an HDMI output (if there are I'm not aware of them), but just using the headphone jack would be fine for your needs.
I'm currently looking for a solution that converts hdmi to component or directly to speaker wire. I would do this type of setup:

HTPC HDMI Out to HDMI Switch
Have a remote handy for the switch
Switch 1 = TV
Switch 2 = Speakers

For both switch 1 and 2, I can use my iPhone to control XBMC anywhere in the house. Downside to this setup is I have to go to each zone to turn to appropriate switch. However, this is rectified with a http to ir to rf to ir solution, but that is a pain to set up, but could be controlled from my phone.