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Full Version: DVD rips of TV show in library
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I was thinking about ripping my DVD shows to get them into my XMBC library, but I can't seem to get it to work.

I ripped the DVDs, but the scraper won't find it, due to the fact that it's stored in the DVD image instead of the episodes in single files. Is there any solution to store my TV shows in DVD image files (or ISO) and still be able to have them in the XBMC library some way. I would like to keep it in DVD images, so I also can access the special features etc.

I'm aware that the single episodes might not be listed in the scraper, when there's several episodes in one file (one DVD), but I hope there's some way to be able to select the different DVDs from the library.

And yes, I know it can be done through the Files, but would like to see my shows in the TV shows library as well.

Also I wondered how I can due this for movies, so movies over several DVDs will be shown correctly in the library?

Hope someone out there can help me with a nice and easy solution.
I think it's a case of getting the naming correct. Maybe this thread will help: